Brief Look at the False Idea of the English Language as Perfect and Unchanging

The English language is perfect and unchanging although it is continually under assault by those who speak it sloppily.The statementshould respond to (crtical review)

Your paper should be from four to five pages long (six to seven when counting title and reference pages). Reviews are academic papers: ideas should be organized and well-developed, APA style should be used, and language must be concise and clear.

Your review will include the following 4 sections:

1. Introduction

This is the place to explain why the topic is interesting and important. Give your overall impression. It s also important that the introductory paragraph include a thesis statement which identifies the main points you will be discussing in the body of your paper.

2. Review

Summarize the topic. Assume your audience is a teacher who hasn t taken this class how will you touch on all the important points and define all the important issues? (This is where it s essential to have a good understanding of the topic yourself.)

3. Analysis

In this section you have several options. You can&

1.)Discuss what you learned from studying this topic and how will it affect your teaching.
2.)Reflect on a personal experience that exemplifies the topic. Again, how will this inform your teaching?

The refrences should include
1)-Williams,j.1999) the teachers grammar book.Mahwah, New jeresy: Lawrence Erlbaum Associate. chapter 1(page umbers(6-10)
2)-Given,t.(1993. English grmmar: Afunction-based itroduction.Philadelphia,PA:John Benjaims puplishing company.(grammar and communication)p.n 1-38
3-Piker,S(1994)The langouage instinct: how the mind creates langouage.New York:Harper collins. ( The langouage mavens) p.n(388-418)
and the fourth opetional