Brief understanding of Marketing and its importance in Britain society

The aims are to show the marketing functions, for instance, how advertising has been contributing to consumer behaviour activities and explain how they can affect the British society and vice-versa.
The purpose of doing this is to draw attention to the subject marketing in British society. As a subject, marketing has been growing and had become very important in the last 30 years of the 20th century. In addition, high technology, for example, has playing an important part to the role of marketing in Britain business.
” Marketing history& background in global marketing and the effects in Britain marketing history.
” Academics theories towards marketing& marketing definition
” Business theories towards marketing e.g. case studies: success & failures  marketing techniques applied in real life.
” Marketing evolution and the future& past-now-then  the technology roll.
” Back-up with examples of case studies taken from historical texts of trustful organizations, such as governmental sources within Britain society.