Briefing on the process at the federal court building

This paper must be original, which it means that the similarity score of the originality of the paper must be not higher than 30 percent. Iam sorry if sometimes I write in capital letters, However I just do it so that way you donat forget the important things that needs to be in the paper. This paper must be 6 PAGES for only the body of the work, and thats a requirement. Please this assignment must include in-text citations and references in APA format ( I think with 4 references will be enough, but not less than three references. Please try to do a lot paraphrasing in the whole paper and not have too large of direct quotes. For this assignment I do need an ABSTRACT page with no more than 120 words. This assignment has 6 questions to answer; please for ONLY question number 4, I NEED TWO PAGES FOR THIS ANSWER; actually question number 5 has to do with question number 4, but I need these two answers separated. Please this paper must be written as an argumentative essay in the third person only for the whole paper, except for the conclusion where is the only place you can use first person. Please I need an INTRODUCTION with a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. I also need a CONCLUSION. This assignment has one important document that you must read before you do the actual assignment; please be very careful with the suggestions of my instructor, this person is very strict with the assignment. I think if you read and follow the instructors directions, it will facilitate the work for you and the assignment will have an excellent outcome. As I stated this assignment has six questions to answer; please only focus on those six questions and please be very specific and with sufficient detail. Please a very IMPORTANT POINT I NEED YOU TO SEPARATE EACH ANSWER WITH THE NUMBER OF EACH QUESTION, so that way it will be easier to follow and understand. I will upload one important document after I send you these instructions. Iam uploading the assignment:

Please focus on the following questions:

1. Write out a concise briefing on the subject that presents it to an audience that does not know anything about U.S. court systems.

2. The briefing is to detail what will happen at the courthouse relative to the manner in which defendants are brought into the federal judicial process.

3. The federal pretrial process must be included in the briefing section.

4. Create a checklist that may be provided to the officers involved in the operation so they may have a reference reminding them of what they must do to properly process a defendant in a federal investigation.

5. The checklist should include processing requirements and the mandated pretrial measures required by law.

6. Write a brief description of the federal criminal pretrial process including how jury selection will occur, How evidence will be presented and the specific jury instructions for this case and procedure on how to address it in the courtroom.

Please remember to separated each question with its correspondent number, so that way it will be easier to follow and understand. I will upload that important document after I send these instructions. Thank you so much for your help and time.