Briefing paper for a child health promotion project

Assignment 4: Briefing Paper

Block Three: Frameworks for Action Strategies

( A briefing paper for a child health promotion project )

Building on the work undertaken in learning activities, write a briefing paper
regarding a child health promotion project.

What is a briefing paper?
In developing a health promotion strategy or project you may need to Brief”
decision-makers about your proposal. To Briefsomeone is to provide
essential information to them i.e. a clear and succinct exposition of the
proposal and associated issues, and recommendations for action.
Your brief should include:
” who the brief is for
” by whom it was prepared
” a clear summary statement describing the proposal

” background information including information regarding the issue, the
target population, likely stakeholders and collaborators, evidence
regarding possible approaches.

” conclusions
” recommendations for action

The person or decision-making forum being briefed can be real (e.g. a person
or group within your own organisation) or imagined (you need to nominate an
appropriate person or group with a decision-making role in relation to child

Please note that:
I use (U.K) spelling, resources that you will use have to be academic resources with full of (text and reference lists)
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