Briefing paper on Priorities in Making Kingston a Safer Borough”

One 2000-2500 word Briefing Paper on, Priorities in Making Kingston a Safer Borough.

A common role of criminal justice professionals is to a?briefa? (a?instruct or inform thoroughly in advancea? a OED) decision makers about a particular issue; the objective is to provide a clear and concise exposition of the issue(s) under consideration, the validity of the evidence being appealed to, the associated policy dimensions and implications, and recommendations for action.

A briefing paper is written with a view towards informing a particular audience about a particular policy issue or development and its implications. It is above all clearly and concisely written, providing context , overview key points, critical and evaluative detail with particular focus on the evidential base of claims being made.

Briefing papers form an important part of the work of high profile organisations/charities, such as The Howard League for Penal Reform, The Prison Trust and NSPCC as through them they are able to provide current informed opinion on new developments in a readily accessible format either sent directly to the Media via Press releases and Press conferences or through the Internet to a wider audience

Specification of who the brief is forto whom it is addressed.

By whom it was prepared i.e. who you are pretending to be and/or the organisation you are representing

The date it was prepared

A clear statement of the topic of the briefwhat it involves.

Background to the issue(s); why does this topic matter

Descriptive, analytical and critical review of the evidence being citedgraphics (tables/charts etc) all diagrams/figures/tables to be titled, dated & sourced.

Analysis of issues in terms of policy implications and options.

Conclusions & recommendations for action.

Reference all material used and consulted in the usual Harvard or APA system.

Key information sources/ material that you want to highlight list in Further Information ”

Newsletter Format

You can use Publisher software (available on the universityas Microsoft package) or other formatting techniques the bottom line is that the presentational form should enhance the clarity and impact of your paper.
On line publisher 40 min tutorial: training.aspx?AssetIDRC102448621033&pidCR102322011033

Overall understanding, contextualisation and analysis of briefing topic.
Appropriate and Critical use of Evidence
Clear & concise definitions of key terms, concepts and policy issues
Evaluation and reasoned conclusions
Depth and breadth of relevant research ;
Clear documentation and representation of findings;
Creative and appropriate presentational style.