Brochure of Community Resources for Parents and Families

Create a brochure or flier of at least three community resources that aid in English acquisition and/or serve immigrant families for your community or a chosen community.

For each organization/company include:

The name of the organization/company.
The name of a contact person or persons.
The organization and contact persons address and phone number(s).
The website URL (if applicable).
A brief explanation of how this organization/company aids English acquisition and/or serves immigrant families.
Anything else you think might demonstrate your desire to work with the parent/guardian in meeting the learning needs of their child/your student.
Submit a 500-word summary with this document (not to be included on the brochure itself) that explains how you will communicate and share the brochure/flier with students families. Additionally, explain how you will seek and welcome parental input, insight, and/or participation from parents of English language learners including those who have limited English communication skills. Include at least three scholarly sources from your research to support your reasoning.