BTU) Critical Evaluation of Current Integrated Marketing Communications Practice

Learning Outcomes Assessed

Upon successful completion of this module, students will have demonstrated


K1. That they can critically understand the emerging global marketplace and the role of global integrated marketing communications within it
K2. That they can critically understand the integrated marketing communications theory
K3. That they have an understanding of how marketing communications strategy and tactical planning contributes to organisational strategy


S1. That they can communicate effectively
S2. That they can apply the theories, concepts and techniques of marketing communications management.


The Context for this assignment is Car Manufacturers.

You are required to submit a professional report that demonstrates your ability to meet the learning outcomes of the module. You should select an organisation within the above context, as a basis for your report. This Organisation should promote themselves in at least two different countries (for instance, your home country and the UK). You can select either the overall Brand (e.g Ford) or a particular product line (e.g. Ford Fiesta).

Please note that you cannot select Renault for this as we will be reviewing a case study about Renault. If you select Renault you will fail this assignment.

You are required to:

yiyii?? 0.5 0.5 critically evaluate the IMC practices employed by car manufacturers to reach a specific target market within the two countries selected

For example, you should consider:
o Identification of the target market
o Identification of the key messages
o An evaluation of the appropriateness of the messages to the target market
o An examination of the marketing communications tools and media used
o identification of the key similarities and differences of the marketing communications in the two countries selected and reasons for this
o How the communication activities are helping the organisation undertake strategy and achieve their objectives

yiyii?? 0.5 0.5 identify the key challenges of practicing IMC and discuss to what extent there is evidence of IMC being practiced

For example you should:
o consider the key issues impacting upon the organisationyiyii?? 0.5 0.5 s ability to practice IMC (e.g. factors in the internal and external environment)
o identify and utilise an appropriate academic model to measure the level of IMC evident

yiyii?? 0.5 0.5 Make recommendations on further use of the tools/media

For example you should recommend:
o how the organisation might utilise tools and media to overcome key issues and/or become more integrated in their approach to IMC.

The report should draw on relevant theories of marketing communications and IMC and their use, or lack thereof, within the practices of the Organisation selected. You should include examples of the messages/communications in your assignment. This report is likely to be discursive in nature and thus include references to appropriate academic literature and organisational practices. Please ensure you include all references at the end of your report in the appropriate section.