Buddhist Ceremony From an An Anthropological Perspective

This is an ANTHROPOLOGY OF RELIGION paper that should attend a religious ceremony in Buddhism, analyze the ceremony from an anthropological perspective. the paper must be organized and structured so it covers the following: Section 1: Provide a brief description of your religion and make sure it includes all of the following if applicable. If your religion does not include the following, simply put a?Not applicablea? under the heading.
Section 2a: Provide a description of the ritual you attended. Make sure you describe the ritual you attended in detail.
Section 2b: In a page or so, describe your impressions of the ritual you went to. What did it emphasize? How did it differ from other religious rituals you are familiar with?
Grading Criteria:
50% Thoroughness of research about your chosen religion studied
40% Quality of description of ritual attended. Should be thorough and be sure to compare with other religions you are familiar with
10% Writing style, spelling and grammar
Topics to cover in research on your religion:
Myth a what are some of the myths in your religion?
Taboo a are there any taboos in your religion?
Ritual a describe the major rituals in your religion
Priests a does your religion have formal priests?
Prophets a are there any prophets in the religion?
Religious Use of Drugs a are there any drugs used in the religion?
Witchcraft a are there witches or witchcraft in the religion?
Divination a is there any means to tell the future in your religion?
Magic a can anyone cast spells or use magic?
Ghosts a are there positive or negative ghosts in your religion?
Souls a do people have souls in your religion?
Ancestor Worship a are ancestors actively worshipped?
I will attach a couple of example papers which are successfully written. I will also attach the papers early topic proposal I had written that just introduced the topic and gave the very general direction of the paper, PLEASE READ THEM ALL. Images are welcomed if they present and further explain the ceremony, for instance. i am counting on this please follow the instructions and ask questions if needed. Thanks!