Business Ethics assignment. Letter-format)

I need to edit my business letter assignment to submit as my portfolio of the writing course. The paper is written in rush, so there are a lot to edit/ format/ add-in/ take out.
Please refer to my attachments for further instructions.
Im going to attach:
1) my graded Ethics paper from my professor -**please follow her written instructions on my paper that is scanned in pdf file.
2) Assignment sheet -I didnt follow well on this when writing the paper, so youll have to read the instruction, in order to make changes on my paper. **(e.g. I didnt use 1 source from the Encyclopedia of Ethicsas one of the requirements that I should have followed. So it is imperative that you carefully read the assignment sheet)
3) Another pdf file of my classmates work, which scored B+, just for your reference.