Business history] Anti-trust policy and National Business Survey Conference (NBSC) , National Recovery Act (NRA)

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Questions are following:
a) Explain why the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and other anti-trust laws passed by Congress failed to prevent the consolidation of most industries in the early years of the 20th century and the emergence of highly concentrated oligopolistic and monopolistic industry structures.
Do you think this outcome means that anti-trust policy was a failure or a success in helping American society manage the transition to an economy and society founded on big business?

Kolko, excerpt from The Triumph of Conservatism.
McCraw, excerpt from Prophets of Regulation

b) Compare and contrast the strategy developed by the National Business Survey Conference (NBSC) to prevent business from spiraling into a depression after the stock market collapse with the strategy embodied in the plan for the National Recovery Act (NRA) for pulling business out of the depression in 1933. What do these two efforts tell us about what most Americans understood to be the causes of the depression and the proper role of business in society?