Business history] Historical event in S. Korea that affected on family business, work experience, life (1910-2000).

Please avoid this order if you are not a story maker and have sense of Korean and how mid-sizes business runs. And we need conversations since this is interview-based family history focused on my grandfather.
I have done with interview but have limited information about his work experience and business.
So I need to make interesting and reasonable stories related to the Korean historical events, culture, trends, or experiences that reflects the period that my grandfather lived. But unfortunately I dont have any kind of ability to make real business stories. Ill provide information about my grandparents and little introduction of my great grandfather with Korean major historical events by time to time.

Ill attach the detailed guideline and some information of historical events and interviewed writing.
Those are just to give you a sense what happened in Korea and major events that I hope you to make connection with my grandfathers stories. Also what my grand father work experience.
I havent explained my grandfathers business yet, because I dont have clear and depth of information so I trying to give you a chance to choose what to write and make stories.
He traded (mostly imported at the first time he opened up his business) construction materials between Korea and Japan. There were a construction(apartment) boom in 1970-1980s and export growth at the time 1988 Korea Olympic. We need to make depths and insightful stories about his business with how he started his business, how many employees, and what did he do? like that.
Help me! Ill try to help anything I can.

Have a lot of information online which shouldnt be used as bibliography though.