Business memorandum on any topic pertaining to Real estate

The Paper
The paper is a 1500 word business memorandum/essay on any topic pertaining to Real Estate. You will take course material and apply original primary source material to current events or real-world problems in the business marketplace. For example, this semester, the economic recovery legislation is being implemented and spent. The continuing recession in the real estate markets will be covered. We will discuss its expected duration, and effects on the real estate markets as well as real estate sales volume.

Your paper will take the form of a business memorandum analyzing, changing, or assessing a business practice in light of developments in the marketplace or legal environment. For example, the state or federal government may tighten or otherwise reform lending regulations or available financing vehicles and policies. Your paper would identify the change and recommend action to be taken, for example, new questions to be asked or documentation to be obtained from prospective borrowers.

The best papers are ones that take textbook course material and apply it to current events with citations to further primary source material. For example, during the sub-prime mortgage crisis, one of the issues discussed by policy makers was how homeowners can or should be assisted. The FDIC published a home loan workout model. A good paper topic would be to evaluate the FDIC workout model, or one aspect of it. It would conclude with a recommendation to a lender on how or whether to adopt it, or modify it for local use. The idea is to bring your knowledge to bear on a current event in the a?real world,a? and to apply principles learned in the course to facts in the current economic, political or legal environment.

The paper requires at least one main article reference pertaining to Real Estate. The paper requires the real estate terminology introduced in the course (I have also attached the overview of terminology the professor wants).