Business Plan in the Creative Business Industry

At least 20 related academic references to back up the whole idea
Figures and images to support the idea
Appendix (at least 5 pages) have to be included
Show how a theoretical model has been applied onto my business plan
Use the Business Canvas App as necessary with references

The followings also have to be included:

Crowd funding, project finance, profit & cash-flow a use excel sheets

Talk about where the idea come from

This source is a MUST to reference in the essay:
Ashok Ranchhod and Calin Gurau (2007) Marketing Strategies: A Contemporary
Approach. FT Pearson

Prefer reference as follows:

App: The Business Model Canvas


Doug Richard (2013) How to Start a Creative BusinessA glossary of over 130
Terms for the Creative Entrepreneur

Michael Jacobsen (2013) The Business of Creativity: An Expert Guide to Starting
and growing a business in the Creative Sector published by Harrison House

Andrew Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur (2010) Business Model Generation: A
Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers, John Wiley

Eric Ries (2011) The Lean Start-up: How Constant Innovation creates radically
successful businesses Penguin

Resources web:
2013/ A source for what is
happening in the UK and recent papers published about the creative
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