Business report about Evaluation of the Feasibility and Implications of applying of Lean Management in Public sector organizations

I did an assignment in a business report and I didnt pass which I got 20 of 100.

I will upload all the files that required for writing report which contain:
1. Guidance
2. Tips on report writing
3. Randor lean Report ( an email from the doctor of the module )
4. General Feedback for the first draft
5. Friends Report in my class that he got 65 of 100 (please read it to give you an idea for the structure of the report , but dont copy from it at all.
6. fail report( 20 of 60 that what i did)

all the files is important to follow it

I hope to follow the structure and write a good report and if you have any question please ask .

Thank you


Referencing Requirements:
(e.g. reputable business journals, research reports and academic journals)