Busy Doctoras Right Hand, Ever Ready to Type

Read: Hafner, Katie. a?A Busy Doctoras Right Hand, Ever Ready to Type.a? New York Times 12 Jan 2014. Retrieved from a-busy-doctors-right-hand-ever-ready-to-type.html?_r0

Work in the Discussion Forum in your assigned small group to reflect on the article. What is the article about? How might the subject matter impact the management duties of a health care manager?

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thought development (thorough explanation, insight and details)
professional communications style
thoughtful response to other group membersa posting.

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(my classmate post for you to give a comment):
With the implementation of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) growing to nearly 70% of hospitals and doctors offices this year, the duties of health care managers have increased by just as much. The EMR, while innovative and meaningful, has been labeled as a Diseaseby health care professionals. This system is designed to improve quality of care and coordination of care, however, it is also being viewed as a process that contributes to health care providers dissatisfaction. Doctors feel that it is taking their attention away from treating patients and it is causing them more stress, as it is not a quick and easy process. The EMR has also put many administrative health care employees out of work, as their skills have now become obsolete because they have been replaced by technology. Companies like ScribeAmerica have recognized the needs of health care professionals and they have come up with quite a creative solution.

Scribes have become a doctors right hand Man. Essentially a transcriptionist, a scribes duties include accompanying doctors into examination rooms and transcribing the doctor/patient encounter into the patients EMR. This allows doctors to have better quality interaction with their patients. It also alleviates unecessary stress, as doctors have someone, who is trained and skilled, entering the patients information into the system. The need for scribes also provides those employees who had been replaced by technology an opportunity to transition to a new role that also meets the needs of the organization. While there are many benefits to using a scribe, there are also concerns about patient privacy. These concerns can be addressed by allowing the patient the choice of whether a scribe is present or not.