CA) Proposition 209 (affirmative action)

1.You must utilize and cite at least two literary sources (a book or journal) within your work other than your class textbook.
a.You can cite our textbook, but it will not count toward this requirement.
b.You can also cite newspapers found in library databases, but again it will not count toward this requirement.
2.Be concise; do not try to cover too many aspects or points.
3.Do not write your opinion
4.Do not write an argument essay, just like presentation

Suggested Essay Structure/Outline

I. Introduction
a. Brief introduction of selected topic and how paper will discuss it.
II. History/Background
III. Individual Factors
IV. Societal Factors
V. Systemic Factors
a. Details as to the process the given event went through; typically a description of the process that legislation has gone through.
VI. Conclusion/Aftermath
a. Description of the outcome of said event/legislation and potential after-effects on society.

Please also use this selected library databases
1)Text of Proposition 209
2)Proposition 209: A New Civil Rights Revolution?
Richard Frankel
Yale Law & Policy Review
Vol. 18, No. 2 (2000), pp. 431-461
Published by: Yale Law & Policy Review, Inc.
3)Katel,P.(2008, October 17). Affermativ Action. CQResearch, 18,841-864. Retrieved from