Campaign plan for a Creative Industry event about art industry. The presention to be prepared in report format.

this essay is under the main subject: PR and Marketing.
this essays subject is to create a campaign plan for, either Cirque du Soleil presentation in London or a Music Tour for the Rolling Stones or the new 007 Movie, Skyfall.


Although there is no single,standard outline for a marketing communication plan, the fallowing checklist will ensure a comprehensive plan is produced.

SITUATION Where are we now ?
OBJECTIVE. What do we want to achieve?
STRATEGY. How do we achieve the objectives?
TARGET. Who,what,where,when,how&why will the target customer buy?
TACTICS. Details of strategy?
STAFF. Who will carry out the above
MONEY. Budget available
MINUTES. Time-scale
MEASUREMENT. Monitor effectiveness

In proposal format
Marketing communication
Kogan page, 1993

an overview of the position, which could include elements of the marking mix:

Product : A description-strengths, weaknesses, positioning within the market place ( how the product is perceived in the minds of the target market )
Price : price levels compared with competition
Place : where will it be sold/ distribution network

Define as specifically as possible where you want to be. Clear objectives focuses the organisations and marketing efforts. Objectives should be SMART”-specific, measurable,achievable,realistic,timed.
Objectives can be sub-divided into two-marketing and communication objectives.

Usually refer to sales,market share eg_
* increase ticket sales for a specific event/performance by 5% over the next 3 months.
*generate X new enquiries each month.
Usually refer to how the communications should effect the mind of the target audience, is it to generate awareness,interest or trial eg-
*to increase the awareness of a venue by X % within a X week of a campaign among the target audience.
* to announce s special discounted ticket price available to the marginal market for X period.

Is an overview of how the objectives can be achieved-a summary of the proposed tactics eg_
Announce a new membership scheme with a TV advertising campaign highlighting the benefits of a free quarterly magazine and reduced ticket prices for selected London events. Supported by a direct nail campaign targeting 75% of previous members who failed to re-new membership since june 1995.

Details of how you will communicate with the target audience often referred to as promotions mix or communications mix. It includes every from of communications relevant
to marketing :

* Advertising
* Sales promotion
* public relations& publicity
* selling
* print promotional
*direct mail
* point -of-sale materials
* exhibitions
* packaging
* sponsorship
* corporate identity
* word of mouth
The appropriateness of these communications tools will be determined by the objectives set together with the resources available (stuff and budget) to reach the target audience.

How will the TacticS be implemented and within what timescale. The time plan can be presented in the form of a calendar.

What will its cost to implement each aspect of the plan?

How will the effectiveness of the campaign be monitored and evaluated. Ensure system are in place to capture the necessary data.
Monitoring the result of all activities helps to understand what works and what is not worth repeating in a future campaign. The monitored result helps to make realistic forecasts,build better communications plans in the future.

Begin to see ,first , that there us always more than one strategy available to choose from and,second,that some strategies are better than others.

Tactics are the details of strategy. In marketing communications tactics are the communication tools such as advertising, PR, direct mail etc. The tactics in the marketing communication plan list what happens, when and for how much. It is often best expressed xxx.
Gantt chart as shown in table 2.1

* TV
* press

# Sales promotion

# Direct marketing
* mail shot
* telesales

# Publicity (and public relation)

# Sponsorship

# Exhibitions

# Packaging

# Point of sale and merchandising

# Internet

# Word of mouth

# Corporate identity

CAMPAIGN : what is the project about?
OBJECTIVES: what do we want to achieve
STRATEGY : how to achieve the objective
TACTICS : implementation including budget/staffing/media/timing