Capstone Experience (Better Ways to Get to Market: Formulating a Strategy that Works) 1

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Solutions to Organizational Challenges: A Capstone Experience

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*Better Ways to Get to Market: Formulating a Strategy that Works

There can be a good strategy with a bad product and a good product with a bad strategy, and this can impact product or service success in the marketplace. There are many cases of good products taking much longer to achieve their rightful success because of poor strategy. This assignment helps you explore why such issues occur and how to prevent them.

Using the module readings and the Argosy University online library resources, research various marketing strategies.

Identify a good product that had a bad a?get to marketa? strategy and as a result took longer than it should have to be successful.

Respond to the following:

What could the company have done differently in its strategic planning to expedite the results?
How might the approach you describe be a universal consideration to other businesses as they a?go to marketa??