Career in Administrative Services Management

PLEASE USE have professional background and expertise
on the subject in question, distinguish between information and opinion, and provide evidence and/or
documentation to support the authoras statements. These features make them reliable sources to use in
support of your discussion.

This explanation of what makes a source suitable for the short research assignment also means that
you will not be able to use Web sites like Wikipedia, for example, or company Web sites, or those not
produced by established professional or trade organizations, or those with unattributed information (that
is, not attributed to a reliable source, or any source at all) or that serve as a forum for anonymous opinion.

Since most (if not all) of you will want to do your research electronically, take advantage of the databases
available through the FAU librariesa Web site. (Just Googling your topic usually wonat get you to the
types of sources you need.) One useful point of entry is the collection of electronic journals in the FAU
libraries (click on a?Electronic Journalsa? on the left side of the FAU librariesa home page to get started),
allowing you to access articles not only in academic journals but also in periodicals like the Wall Street
Journal, The New York Times, or U. S. News and World Report for free. Another potentially useful
database in the FAU collection is EBSCOhostas Academic Search Premier; you can access it first by
clicking on a?Indexes/Databasesa? on the left side of the FAU librariesa home page. Youall then click
on the letter a?Ea? (for a?EBSCOa?) and scroll down the list of databases beginning with a?Ea? until you
find a?EBSCOhost.a? Clicking on that will take you to a?Academic Search Premiera? at the very top of
the list. Once you click on this item, youall be taken to the search page for the database, where you can
conduct a subject search (or other types of searches) for job-related sources in or on your field, or articles
on the major issue in your field that youave selected.

For further information and discussion, read pp. 92-98 in your text, especially the sections
entitled a?Internet Research strategiesa? and a?Evaluating Sources.a? Do let me know if you have any
questions about your research.