Case study, a road map for natural capitalism

What should we do: A Road Map for Natural Capitalism (2007), Harvard Business Review,
Lovins, A.B., Lovins, L. H. & Hawken, P. Jul/Aug 2007, Vol. 85 Issue 7/8, p. 172-183.
(Reading 1 for Write-up)

The write-up should include
one key idea in the article/reading that the student found to be interesting and include a brief
explanation of why that idea is interesting. In addition, the write-up should include one potential
limitation of the article/reading. The five articles/readings are highlighted in bold in the course
schedule section. Please make sure that you put your name and student number on your
submission of the write-up. Exceptionally well-written submissions may receive bonus credit.
These write-ups can be handwritten or in the form of a one page (double spaced) printout.