Case study approach to develop and Implement a wireless network system for an IT training centre

Problem background

Community Training Portal is an IT training centre. It is a fairly small business. The company looks at issues of long term unemployed. It runs thousands of Learn direct courses. It also run s courses such as intermediate & advance courses designed to help the community & businesses, as well as literacy & numeracy courses. The company primary aim is offering help and support to people to learn courses and provide quality vocational training which are nationally recognised skills, and necessary for them to obtain employment.

Problem definition

The project will examine whether wireless local area networks (WLAN) benefit academic environments. The study will cover various different areas such as the advantages of wireless networking within teaching and learning. Like many rapidly growing intuitions Community Training Portal seeks innovations to improve student learning facilities. In the last few months the centre experienced tremendous growth. The company has now enrolled over 500 students as one would expect the space has become an issue so now company has opened another centre within a few miles.

Design and Implementation

(1)What you need to do this to give explanations in full technical detail has as to how develop and Implement a wireless network system for an IT training centre.I have you all the current details about how the training centre is running currently.The overall project aim is given aim and objectives.

Aim & Objectives

The aim is to investigate the benefits of wireless networking (WLAN) for academic environments. I will develop and implement a wireless network solution for Company that could provide them with a secure, scalable and proven solution that will improve there teaching standards. I feel with a wireless network setup it will benefit the origination is many ways. I will increase there classroom resources available to lecturers in order to help attract new students to the centre and improve education standards. Based in two branches, with staff often travelling between sites, teachers can have laptops with internet access available in each classroom, so they could access information stored locally, present their lessons securely.The branch consists of 18 PCs. By having a single access point can support 18 users when used in open space and when the users are being directed in their activities. It can also demonstrate that wireless networking can help staff; students and the overall improve the nature of the business. Teachers can benefit; everyone can use certain files, folders and a printers.

Objective 1

Analysing and understanding what is the most afflictive way of implementing a secure wireless network for the IT training centre

Design and implement a (WLAN) wireless local area network for Community Training Portal company based on feedback

Test and evaluate the wireless network implemented
All work must be fully referenced fully.All sources and resources must be show where used.