Case study by using the ethical decision making model

There is a scenario and an example of usage of the ethics model attached below. Please work hard and show me what you know. You will be using the ethical decision making model that we have reviewed in class and that is attached below. Read the prompt! Reread the prompt! It is long and very involved! You will address all issues that are identified in the scenario in section 1. You will develop a plan of action after prioritizing what are the 3 most important (urgent) issues. Your plan will be typed, in complete sentences (except for the main 4 ethics codes addressed, they can be buleted using words not 1Aa), no spelling errors, and comprehensive. Your plan needs to include the top 3 issues (most urgent). You will number each step of the decision making model. Make sure that in the last step you restate all of the steps of your final plan of action. Always addressing the most urgent concern first.