Case study for subjest ( Strategic Leadership in Criminal Justice )

Assessment Item 2 requires students to conceptualise and articulate a leadership dilemma related to either (a) performance management systems or (b) strategic organisational change in a specific criminal justice setting. The student will develop and discuss the leadership dilemma in the context of a criminal justice setting (ie. police, corrections or courts) of their choice.
Students are expected to:
1. Develop and present a leadership dilemma, examples are provided below, that is relevant and realistic to the criminal justice setting chosen (students are advised to select a narrow and specific leadership dilemma); and,
2. apply one (1) leadership approach/theory (from those discussed in Weeks 7, 8 and 9) to the leadership dilemma.
As discussed in respect to Assessment Item 1, students are advised to select a narrow and specific leadership dilemma. The leadership dilemma should be substantively different from that developed in Assessment Item 1. The student must choose a different content area from that chosen in Assessment Item 1 (ie. if the student chose to focus on performance management systems in Assessment Item 1, the student must develop a case study in the area of strategic organisational change in Assessment Item 2, or vice versa).

Criteria & Marking:

Section Section Description
1) Problem Description
Provide a description of the leadership dilemma that will form the basis on which subsequent analysis will be conducted.
Identify the key issue/s that will need to be addressed by the leader in this situation.
Draw on criminal justice research that has examined performance management systems or strategic organisational change processes (whichever is relevant to your leadership dilemma) to guide your derivation of key issues that will need to be managed.
2)Theoretical analysis of the chosen leadership approach/ theory Provide a theoretical overview of the leadership approach/theory being examined in the assessment item.
This should involve a a?generala discussion of the key elements of the theory and a review of relevant research.
3)Application of leadership approach/theory to leadership dilemma This section should discuss how the leadership approach/theory would work in response to the problem that has been developed.
The analysis should focus on a description of the type of leadership, using the theory/approach chosen, that would be most effective in dealing with the leadership dilemma and the reasons for its effectiveness.
This discussion and analysis should be strongly supported by relevant research (particularly, research that has discussed and/or studied this leadership approach within a criminal justice setting).
4)References Appropriate use of APA style guidelines (ie. in-text referencing and reference list format).
5)Presentation Formatted appropriately; proof-read and attention to sentence structure and paragraph construction.
6)Word Length Assignment length is within +/10% of total word limit.

Example dilemmas:
Example 4 a Performance Management in Corrections.Gary Hart is the leader of a small team of correctional officers at the Undon Correctional Facility. It has come to Garyas attention that one of his team members has been engaging in poor work practices, ie. unexplained absenteeism, sleeping on night shift, not making mandatory security checks etc. Gary has called a meeting with the team member to discuss their work performance. The purpose of the performance review meeting is to outline the work performance concerns with the officer and develop an action plan to improve performance. Gary is apprehensive about the meeting. Based on previous performance review meetings that Gary has had with the team member, Gary is expecting that the team member will be very defensive about their work performance and will seek to blame management for this behaviour. Choose one leadership theory/approach and discuss the type of leadership profile that would best suit this leadership dilemma.

(please ues this example dilmmas to write case study and dont write more than 1500 words. and please follow the sections when you write my assignment.)