Case study investigation (educational intervention)

i have prepared my paper already. It is a case study with educational intervention. My case is a 15 years old student with oral communicative competence problem .she has problem with speaking while she has a good reading and writing . i would like my paper to be revised but not just grammatical mistakes. My previous order edited mainly for grammatical mistakes but for this paper i need my very good writer that i requested to edit my paper carefully and delete the non sense and wrong sentences or even to add the new information if is necessary please.i hope that my requested writer will accept this order again as she is been working with mw for a long time and she is aware of my weakness and paper structures. Thanks

Added on 25.04.2015 03:54
Please feel free to make any changes in the paper including intervention plan , hypothesis or any part of the paper that doesnT sound correct .even I will realy appreciate if u add any necessary information to my paper to sound appropriate . Thanks