Case study of a specific advertising campaign from the recent past.

This is a Visual Advertising Essay. You are required to develop detailed discussion of the semiotics of advertising imagery and place it in the context of the economic, social and cultural context.

Below are the specific points you have to consider in respect of your chosen campaign
1. How do these advertisements relate to the market position and strategies of the commisioning agent? What were the stages of development of the campaign, its overall objectives and means selected.
2. Who produced the actual advertising material? Is it characteristic of their style? To whom is this material addressedand what is the evidence for this?
3. Consider the entire range of advertisements that form of the campaign, paying particular attention to their semiotic character.. ie: the means by which visual,textual and aural signs combine in them to convey the messages that are their point
4. Consider also matters of perception-how are these phenomena encountered, what makes up the experience of seeing/reading them?
5. Place these works and the campaign as a whole in the social, economic, cultural and political context in which they were produced