Case Study of Challenges Facing Children with Autistic Syndrom Disorder in Educational Setting Mainstream

Part of this dissertation has been written by me. I only want to write out my findings and discussions based on intends questionnaires form given out to parents interview carried out in mainstream and obse conducted in the same school. The proposed findings are; 1) Barriers to Education Service provision for Children with ASD 2)Parentsi?? Perspectives on effective inclusion methods 3)Inclusion strategies: Are they working?. My findings and discussions must be based on the three point. Also i would like to attached the part i have done and my intend questionaires and interview question for practitioners

Added on 20.04.2015 08:43
I hereby attached my Proposal Form that narrated the research topic and the three points to be discussed, Guidelines given for the work, intends interview questions for practitioners and parents questionnaires and finally what i have written so far.
Also 3 days observation on autistic spectrum children in mainstream school needs to be part of findings and discussion.
Basically, The order will be based on Findings of the research topic (900words), Discussion (900words) and Conclusion (200words).
This needs to be done in academic critique, for example, analyse what practitioners and parents says; advantages and disadvantages regarding the support received, in the findings. Whilst the discussion would be based on your findings with support of literature. finally conclusion..