Case study of Good Hotel in San Francisco

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Text Case 25: Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?
please watch this video why not?

(TIP: Make a two column chart that summarizes each level of strategy and how it is being used by the company.)

4) What has Good Hotel done to implement and execute its strategies? What policies, practices, resources, support systems, culture, and leadership approaches underlie Good Hotelas strategy execution efforts?

5) Explain at least three controllable issues for Good Hotel that management needs to address, in order to continue to be successful in the future.

What strategic recommendations would you make to the new ownership group to best position Good Hotel in the U.S. hotel lodging industry, in order to resolve the three controllable issues (mentioned above) for continued success? Should it be recommended that the Good Hotel concept be continued, expanded, or discontinued? Explain.

6) How should successful performance be measured if the concept is continued or expanded? What should be measured?

7) References

A retail strategic map as an example for question number 2