Case study of social movement or collective action event by ethnic group(s)

You will write a longer report (no longer than 15 double-spaced pages) on a case of collective action by ethnic group(s) in the United States. This could be either contemporary event you read about in newspaper or a local action you take part in. It also could be a historical event. Your report will use the theoretical and conceptual tools we learn in the class to answer some of the basic questions of collective action: when and why does a collective action occurs; who participates and why; who are leaders and what organizations are involved in and what roles do they play; what tactics and strategies do they use; what are the outcome(s) of collective action? Your case study will be based on your library research (e.g. newspaper reports, documents by participants, organizations, or government, internet sources, and academic studies of the event) and/or your own data collection (e.g., interview with activists or participants).