Case Study of the Effectiveness of RFID in Warehousing Management for Bonded Warehouse in China.

I am studying a degree of Logistics & Supply Chain Management. And it is going to hand in a graduate dissertation before 30-NOV, and therefore I have to get the order by 20 days surely.

I would like to get any sources of reference as my supporting document. Also, I have to get the different part of content during the writing. For example, get it partly and step by step until finish.

On the contents of dissertation, it is surely welcome to have any change due by the writer s professional suggestion. Actually, it is also my requested too. Besides, I will have some change during the processing, as the outline is quite draft in existing. Please advise me to make it better. Furthermore, the interview s company and questionnaire/answer are no ideas and please support it for me. I will like to have any further instruction after order if necessary. Thus, if it is not allow, please tell me the expired date.

I would like to remind that I am a Hong Kong students, whose is not a native speaker of English. Therefore, please the writer does not use too difficult English. But it should sure reflecting the degree level.