Case study of the legal and ethics boundaries that inform counselling practice

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Essay Question:

Read the following scenario and when you have done this, comment on what you think the ethical (approx 300 words) and the legal (approx 300 words) issues are that need to be considered when working with Jenny, a seven year old girl.

Jenny, a seven year old girl, is referred to you because she is
profoundly depressed.

The referral letter from the GP (which arrives in the mail) also gives
the following information about her mother Jane:

A long history of contact with mental health services.
History of horrific child sexual assault by a family member.
Client reports that this still occurs occasionally.
Long history of self harm and suicidal ideation.
Dissociative presentation in the nature of:

1) Appearing to be distant and absentminded during sessions.
2) Has reported that shes found herself in places she does not
remember going to and done things that she cant remember such as painting pictures and planting out garden beds.
3) Purchased things she cant remember buying such as badly matched
clothing for her children.
4) Has reported that she hears voices.

It has been observed that as a mother she is colda, angry, and
withdrawn both socially and emotionally.