Case study on misvaluation affect the failure of merger and acquisition activities

Thats my supervisors feedback. he correct some minor faults, and give me some advices.
1. he said in the dissertation, he mainly focus on 3 parts: intro, literature(e.g.,evaluate critically, main theme and aim of previous literature, identify important link with my found and past, up to 3000words ), research method (explain what case study is, good or bad, up to 2000 words). The word limit of finding part is up to 3000 words.
2. add more contents and evidence on befits and limitation of using case study.
3. make whole dissertation comprehensively and logically and evaluate critically.
4. in the conclusion, no new views.
5. dissertation is for degree. and research philosophy is not necessary to add in degree dissertation. however, if dont wanna delete, should explain what the causal is. and also you can add something else if it is needed.
6. he mentioned Misvaluationis value something, Misevaluatinis assess something. after reading my dissertation, please amend which one you prefer to focus on?