Case study on poverty and underdevelopment

i would like a case study to be written of 1900 words on the topic of poverty and underdevelopment of 1900 words relating to economic issues.i have attached the guidelines needed for the case study.the starting point of the case study should define the global economic problems relating to poverty and underdevelopment and further to bring in other topics and information and analysis regarding poverty and underdevelopment.

the case study should refer to-

Themes: What are the characteristics of underdevelopment?
What can be done to combat extreme poverty?

What is the difference between relative and absolute poverty?

What is the nature of child poverty in developing countries?

How does child poverty in developed countries differ from that in developing countries?
Essential Reading

Case study 4: Child poverty
Salvatore 8th edn Chapter 11

1)child poverty in the UK(as example of relative poverty in a developed country)
2)child poverty in developing countries.
3)poverty in developing countries(MDGs)
4)developing country debt(HIPC and MDRI initiative).