Case study on resent collapse of financial sector in Southeast Asia in 1997

~~~Research aim and objective
~~~Research question

Literature review leading to Aim & objective of your study
~~~describing what significant pieces of literature aim to achieve, debates covered, etc.

~~~~Your central hypotheses/argument

~~~review literature methodologically
~~~primary-data gathering plans
 Questionnaire (fully questionnaire in appendix)
 Interviewing (interview schedule in appendix)
~~~Secondary-data gathering plans
~~~Methods of analysis
 explanation; justification; likely problems,etc
 limitations of your design

Presentation of data
~~~lead in (introduction)
~~~Draft of chapter. Data into relevant table, diagrams, quotations from interviews,etc. as ~~~primary and secondary data obtained.
~~~What do they show? First thought about analysis.
~~~ re-editing of tables and lead-in after completing analysis chapter so the ordering and way material presented in this data chapter lead easily to next chapter.
~~~Lead-out (conclusion)

Analysis of data
~~~Leadin (introduction)
~~~Apply analysis methods to data, use central hypotheses/argument to organise presentation of data.
~~~Lead-out (conclusion)

Conclusion (& recommendations)
~~~Lead-in (introduction)
~~~State conclusions, in the light of limitations of your study
~~~State briefly their implications for future research
~~~Implications in terms of existing literature, etc.
~~~Any recommendation