Case-study report based on a partnership organization or project, which contains a critical evaluation of the management issues raised.

The assignment criteria for this piece of work follow below:
During the module (managing in a mixed economy) you will need to be thinking of an area which you might want to consider in your case study. For example, you might choose a PFI scheme, a public private partnership, a partnership aimed at regeneration.The case study will require you to do independent research and find your own sources given in the handbook. You will need to outline your chosen case stude for your tutor to check that this is appropriate. Therefore do about NHS because my tutor thinks that its a good idea.

Content (85% of mark for case study)
1. Choice of topic. Is the choice of case study an appropriate one? Are partners identified and aims stated?

2.Structure. Is the work logically developed, with a conclusion which follows from this?

3.To what extent does the case study represent a reflection and evaluation on the chosen subject, using models/concepts/theories covered in the course?

4. To what extent is relevant literature used and integrated into the analysis.

5. Grammar and spelling -poor standards will be penalised.

6.Clariy and conciseness There will be penalties for exceeding the world limit!
The case-study should be properly sourced and referenced Harvard style.
There should be a comprehensive and properly referenced Bibliography.
How you should reference (please pay attention to this because there are very strict on this):
1. Whatever you copy paste you should include it in .
2. Referencing should be included within the report as well. Not only at the end.
For example: when you are referencing you should open a bracket (Ref.1, Johnson & Scurls, 7th Edition, p.3) then (Ref.2, .(Ref.3 If you are going to use the same source again but you found it from a different page you have to show it again within the assignment. Therefore, u just have to (Ref.1, Johnson & Scurls, 7th Edition, p.18).
BUT at the end of the assessment when you will include the referencing & bibliography you will have to:
Referencing & Bibliography:
1.Johnson & Scholes, 7th Edition, pages: 3, 18
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5. Rose, A and Lawton, A (1999) Public Services Management (open university press) Chapther by Halloway.
6. Flynn, N (2007, 5th Edition) Public Sector Management, London:Sage. Chapther 11 is very useful it talks about PFI. Chapther 8 is useful is all about partnerships. Chapthers 5 and 7 are also useful for management, evaluation and learning organizations.
7. Hughes OE, (2003, 3rd Edition), Public Management and Administration: An Introduction, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (Note: the 2nd edition of this book is also useful). Chapther 11 is usefulis all about managing partnerships. Chapther 8 is all about management, evaluation and learning organizations.
8.De Bruijn, H (2002) Managing Performance in the Public Sector (London: Routledge)
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