Case talent poaching: how to lure a star employee to work for you

1 case study

At the end of each required chapter reading is a Case Study. Provide an in-depth analysis of the case study in Chapter 6 (page 161) using the models and frameworks discussed in the course. (Each selection is to be 5-6 pages in Portrait Format.) Be sure to review the assignment rubric and exemplar on the CMS.


Essay Style-Times New Roman

12 Font

Double Spaced

APA Format

1 inch margins

***Minimum of 3 Additional References Outside of Course Text are Required.

***TEXTBOOK REQUIREMENTS a required text MUST be brought to EVERY class.

Required Text: Belcourt, M., McBey, K., Hong, Y., & Yap, M. (2013). Strategic human resources planning (5th ed.). Toronto: Nelson.

also I will upload the file which is copy of chapter 6 and the case from required text to help you. you can see the case in page 161 from the required text