Cases in global health delivery : case study

Discuss and reviewed the Paper in about two pages using the questions as a guide

James Barlow, Martina Koberle-Gaiser, Delivering Innovation in Hospital Construction: Contracts and Collaboration in the UKas Private Finance Initiative Hospitals Program (Feb 1, 2009) (CMR421-PDF-ENG)
1. What are some of the complexities faced with the changing healthcare infrastructure system?
2. Discuss the implication of PFI for Innovation
3. Did PFI deliver innovation in hospital design and construction?

Cases in global health delivery : case study

Write about two pages of review of the case below

HBS: The Avahan India AIDS Initiative: Managing targeted HIV Prevention at Scale (April, 2010)

Prior to 2005, what was Avahanas strategy?
How did Avaan enable rapid scale up?
What impediments did Avahan face in reaching its goals?
What enabled Avahan to reach its goals?

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