Cause and consequence analysis essay on censorship

Define censorship, and then talk about the consequences of censorship. As evidence, you might want to use your own life or the life of someone you know well: a parent for instance. Or you may turn to the poular media and examine one of the many example of censorship they offer on a daily basis. You may also want to consider the differnt types or censorship and who defines them. Be sure to discuss immediate and more remote consequence. Use following checklist to make sure your essay has a clear purpose and carefully considered consequences:
1. what event or situation are you analyzing?Are you consentrating on its causes? its consequences? or both? Identify your thesis statement?
2. Why are you writing about this event/ to inform? to entertain/ to argue a point? does the thesis reflect this purpose? does the rest of the essay?
3. Who is the audience for this anlaysis?
4. What causes or consequences of the event or situation have you identified? Have you clearly connected eachof the causes or consequences with the situation?can you think of additional causes or consequense?
5. have you identified specific causes as primary and contributory or as immediate and remote? do you have any second thoughts about your classifications?
6. In what order have you presnted the couses or consequences: chronlogical or emphatic? Is this order effective, or would the other order work more efectively?
7.What transitional words or phrases have you included to help the readers move from one cause or consequence to the next?
8. What point have you made in your conclusions? Do you move beyond your thesis statement by drawing larger or longer-term implications?
9. if using visuals, how do they support your thesis and purpose? will your audience have any trouble understanding them?
**Those were the gudelines given to me to follow. Please keep in mind that I am a single, white, working mom with very liberal political views. I belive in an open-minded and educated opinion on most things, and it should be up to an indiviual to decide what types of things should be censored in ones life.**
If you have any questions feel free to email me.