Cause-and-effect essay, The perfect Crime by Tom Wolfe

This essay require to read a 3 pages article. And write a casue and effect essay about the article. Please follow the instruction below. And the article, i will upload it in the message board, i will attached in the word file with the essay guidelines.

Cause and Effect Assignment
English 111
The Answer
That you are here  that like exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.
-Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass


1. Read  The Perfect Crime by Thomas Wolfe (class handout)
2. In 1-3 pages, explain how Wolfe s essay is based on a cause-and-effect relationship
(Question #2 under Questions about Meaning)
3. Use Wolfe s follow-up question and page numbers as a guide to writing your paper
4. You will need to use specific examples from his essay. USE AT LEAST ONE OR TWO DIRECT QUOTE IN YOUR ESSAY.
5. Remember not to use the first person  I pronoun in your essay.
6. Creative title.
7. The ideas explain the cause and/or effects of the topic in a clear.
8. The organization helps the reader understand the cause/effect relationship. The links between the main points and the supporting points are clear.

Essay stage

Introduction: (write in between 6-15 sentence)
Introduction with a hook: catch the reader s attention.
Is a must to have a thesis statement and bold it.
eg: In Tom Wolfe s article  The perfect Crime , Wolfe identifies a cause-and-effect relationship through hostage taking and the result(effect) of that crime. Hostage takers(why hostagereason)

Body: (2-3 paragraphs)
Therefore use at least 2-3 causeand-effects relationship example from the article.
one cause-and-effect, one paragraph.
Eg:  I am a celebrity (192)

Summarize the main point of your body. And your conclusion must refer to Introduction.
Your conclusion should include these:
What is the Perfect Crime of 2007? Should be real news.
Eg: Computer crime/identity theft thrill of achievement of  beating system andattention media
Co artists catch me if you can inside trading and internet crime
School related crime  mass killings (perfect crime)
Is it the same as 1970 s? (the article). Why or why not? Please use a specific example.