Ch2 Literature Review of faculty attitudes towered e-learning

Literature Review of faculty attitudes towered e-learning
No general attitude acceptable! You need be specific about each point.
Each point should have around 3-4 sources at least!

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Including these variables of faculty attitudes towered e-learning. (See listed 1-6v)
The one major omission in your literature review is a discussion of each of your attitudinal constructs. (Find new book references this parts or studies)
(1) Perceived self-efficacy (Need to define this construct , define it this concept what means of the attitudes of faculty, or explaining and supporting some studies and do this ways with each one separately .pleassssssssssssssssssssssss? with discussions of the previous studies?
(2) Perceived enjoymenta¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦
(3) Perceived usefulness a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦.
(4) Behavioral intention to use e-learning a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦
(5) Perceived of e-learning technology tools satisfaction a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..
(6) Multimedia instructiona¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦.
Since this is your primary dependent variable, that you need to discuss what the literature says about each of these constructs.
Finds studies related to each of these variables a¦..(Only a study for faculty attitudes toward e-learning with these variables above only)
see steps and directions