Chagning drug treatment policies and practice in Nertherlands.

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please find attached a copy of what I have done about drug treatment policies and practice in Australia and the extent of the hard drug of use in Australia. My request is to do a similar paper, which I expected to be as good as I did, about Netherlands (policies and practice in hard drug treatment).

The Netherlands

Background Information

The Netherlands is a small country with a population of more than 15.5 million. The Dutch have a long and worthy tradition of acknowledging individual freedom, and for the most part governments stay in the background in regard to religious and moral issues. Its modern drug policy came into being in 1970 in response to the emergence of a large heroin problem. A Commission, called the Baan Commission, was charged with the task of developing acceptable policies on drug control and treatment. The policy which they adopted is based on the concept of harm reduction, the minimization of the risks and hazards of drug use, rather than the suppression of all drugs. Health care and prevention are given priority but at the same time they pursue an aggressive enforcement measures against organized crime. They collaborate with the established norm of international organizations of suppressing drug trafficking. The nation has taken a soft approach to youthful users and describes it only as a youthful indiscretion, and this is extended to the use of compassion in the treatment of those who have developed drug problems. Possession of soft drugs has been decriminalized in Netherlands. The number of addicts using hard drugs in Netherlands is reported to be comparably lower than in the rest of Europe, and lower than in France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland. Drug user rates are even significantly lower than in the United States. (Drug

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3-Hard Drug:( heroin, cocaine, amphetamine and other illegal drugs such as designer or party drug ecstasy).