Challenge facing the electric utility industry

The Electric Power Industry:
A $298-billion industry, the electric power industry is vital to the U.S. economy. In terms of gross
output, it is one of the countryi??s largest industries, surpassing the pharmaceutical, airline, and natural
gas industries. In addition to providing reliable electricity, Americai??s electric companies support local
economic development efforts in thousands of communities across the nation. They contribute to the
growth, strength, and stability of these communities by paying billions of dollars in tax revenue,
employing more than 400,000 workers, and providing a variety of public service programs.
(Edison Electric Institute,i??Key Facts About the Electric Power Industryi??).

Todayi??s industry faces major challenges including rising fuel costs, increasing demand and
climate change. Industry CEOi??s rank regulatory certainty, climate change, infrastructure investment,
aging workforce, reliability and transmission, and siting among the biggest challenges they face. (GF
Energy 2007 Electricity Outlook, June 18, 2007)