Challenges and opportunities for organisations using social media and focus on both internal and external information sharing practices

the topic is : Discuss challenges and opportunities for organisations using social media. In your response focus on both internal and external information sharing practices.

This assignment is very important for me, it is accounting for 100% of this module. i dont have enough time left so i choose to trust you. i hope you can do your best to achieve 70 or above, and i will very appreciate your help. many thanks.

Please focus on the ppt slides of social media and IBM cases. And there may be something useful you can pick from other slides I have uploaded to you. for example, Lecture 1-3 include some basic definitions of IT; Lecture 4-5 have some ideas about information overload and internal and external practices.

Social media:
Information overload/Are you who you are on social media?
Infobesity & info junk food
Internal use of social media
External uses

– Answers to the question should draw upon supporting material and examples (IBM Case)
– A description and evaluation of the context
– Critical evaluation of any relevant theories and concepts
Link to lecture/seminar material (IBM Case)
– Good reference to any relevant literature and other sources of information& knowledge
Use examples
– Excellent use of literature
Well presented and include critical thinking

It is important to emphasise on how the technologies can be/will be used WITH accounting for organisation issues, challenges, and other aspects covered in lectures

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please add some relevant lecture theories or concepts into your arguments, which is one of the most important assessments for the assignment quality and students outcomes reflection.