Challenges in entrepreneurial/nascent markets

Please identify two i??standardi?? challenges in entrepreneurial/nascent markets, then discuss how social networks are relevant to addressing each challenge.
You will want to demonstrate your understanding of how entrepreneurs use networks in these instances.
You may use as context for the PW #2 any one of the course cases (e.g., Tudor ice, Tesla, Jerry Sanders )
This is an opportunity to reflect on basic lessons from these initial case readings and the module sessions after the class discussion.

The work here involves linking basic network concepts (strong & weak ties, brokers, structural holes, how information flows in networks, role of intermediaries, the claim-demarcate-control framework [CDC], etc.) to the unsettled, ambiguous features of nascent markets or not yet stable technologies in order to impact outcomes (e.g., provisional market boundaries). You may focus on inter-organizational networks and/or the interplay of individual-level with organization-level networks.