Challenging perspective on child development

this essay is from a childhood studies perspective
the are of development chosen is cognitive development
analyse the extent to which current research challenges the theories of child development. incorporate discussion in relation to the nature nurture debate.
the introduction of the essay can look at the nature vs nurture debate which has been going on in the world of pschology for centuries. eg Descarte and Plato in one camp and John Locke in another. look at the way in which pschology have informed the way in which we treat children whether at home or school and even to inform government policies and legislations. however as in many areas of human development reseach continues to evolve and many current research challenge the theories of cognitive development. for example piaget professed that object permanence occured at 9 months but reseach as have otherwise. i will look at some journals and if i find anything useful then i will pass them on. tx.
please use font 12 and double line spacing. use cambridge style referencing. not too many website addresses as bibliography.