Challenging question for research and practice arises Essay 2

In her article, Piderit (2000) posited the following, A challenging question for research and practice arises: How can we balance the organizational need to foster ambivalent attitudes toward change and the individual need to minimize the potentially debilitating effects of ambivalence?This is a question that would benefit any organization. Read Piderits article, chapter 10 of our text book, and choose any other, more recent, scholarly article on resistance to change. Write a short essay in proper APA format to discuss potential resistance (or ambivalence) that organizations must consider when planning change. If your organization were planning a major change, such as a merger, what steps would be necessary to manage the transition?

Your paper should be about 750 words (excluding cover page and reference list). Use at least one scholarly source (peer-reviewed journal article, written within last five years) other than your textbook.

Piderit, S. K. (2000). Rethinking resistance and recognizing ambivalence: A multidimensional view of attitudes toward an organizational change. Academy of Management. The Academy of Management Review, 25(4), 783-794.