Change and continuity incontemporary business



Prepare a management report 3,500 to 4000 words on an organisation of your choice, based in UK. This report should assesses the impact of exernal and internal factors on the organisation and evaluate the organisation responses.


Describe and analyse the primary internal and external influences to which to which the organisation is subject. This first task should take about one third to one half of your overall report.


Having particular regard to EITHER

a) Change in technology,
b) Globalisaion

(I) analyse how your chosen theme influences policies and decision making in
your chosen organisation
(II) Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the organisations response.

(III) demonstrate some areas for improvement in the response of the organisation


Whichever topic you chose, you must clearly demonstrate knowledge and understanding from research and reading wider than that contained in the core textbooks. You must also set your analysis in the context of points (I)to(III)above.This is a REPORT not an essay and MUST be presented in report format style. This is an academic piece of work therefore you are expected to link theory and practice. You should take care to ensure that the work you submit has a high standard of presentation.You must acknowledge the sources of information and evidence using the Harvard referencing system. All assignments are subject to regulations on plagiarism.


1. The description of the organisation and the identification of relevent internal and external influences are very clear and very substancial. (30%)

2.The analysis of how the chosen theme influences policy making and decision making in the organisation is very clear and very substantial. (20%)

3.The ability to critically evaluate the effectiveness of the organisations response is very strong and substantial. (20%)

4.The demonstration of some areas for improvement in the response of the organisation to the overall business environment very strong and substantial. (10%)

5.There is evidence of extensive research from a variety of sources. (10%)

6.The presentation is clear with very few spelling or grammatical errors.The report has been referenced correctly, using the Harvard system. Using headings and sub-headings appropriately the layout is logical and easy to follow.(10%)