Change in education organisations: the secondary schools

This assignment will require you to investigate, reflect on and evaluate the causes, effects and implications of government policy in bringing about change in educational organisations.

Task 1 Provide a brief summary of secondary school development since the initial introduction of the comprehensive school, emphasising the ideology or values underpinning each change or new development. Include supportive quantitative data where applicable.

Task 2 By considering a range of opinions and comparing these with your own ideas, beliefs and experience, explore the effect of secondary school changes (and other educational issues) on the operation of the admissions process, clearly identifying and evaluating advantages, disadvantages and problems.

Task 3 Present a proposal for your ideal secondary school admissions process, justifying your ideas and explaining the rational for your proposals. Use literature to provide evidence to support your ideas.

Some issues which you may need to consider include:

·1 the effects of government policy, legislation, initiatives etc;
·2 the social and economic context within which schools operate;
·3 factors which may encourage or inhibit the effectiveness of the school;
·4 the strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures of different organisational forms;
·5 the reasons for variations in the performance of schools;
·6 the validity and reliability of data used in the assessment of educational achievement;
·7 the influence of your own school experience on your understanding of the issues.
·8 the relative influence of school students, parents and the wider community.