Change proposal on the implementation of technology to improve patient care.

References must be within 5 years of todays date.

Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning
A. Introduction: Clinical Problem/Issue
1. Validate the need for change
2. What is the QSEN Competency and why selected? Go to website Select one category as the foundation for the change project (Patient-centered Care, Teamwork and Collaboration, Evidenced-based Practice, Quality Improvement, Safety, and Informatics) then develop and incorporate the competency(ies) into the change proposal.
B. Assess the organizational environment is there an awareness that a
problem/opportunity for change exists? (5 points each A & B)


A. Diagnosis of the problem–state it concisely. You may use a nursing
diagnosis for this stated according to NANDA.
B. Identify the change you want to bring about. (5 points each A & B)

Leadership and Management Development
A. Identification of change theory for project. What assumptions are you
making about the target population?
B. State one specific long-term and short term goal.
C. What sources of power are available? How will others be involved in the
change? *
D. Describe and analyze the politics in the environment where the change is to
occur. *
E. Identify and analyze the legal ramifications related to the change. *
F. Identify and analyze the ethical ramifications related to the change. *
G. Analyze the impact of policy and regulatory guidelines on the proposed
change. *
H. Anticipate the most likely sources of resistance to the change and problem
solve ways to advert the resistance. Consider psychological (insecurity, attitudes,
beliefs) and structural (finances, equipment, facilities) sources.
I. How will the change affect the target system and individuals within it? (5 points each A through I)

Leadership and Management -Implementation
A. Develop a basic time line for your project that shows the plan for
B. What is the role of the change agent/s?
C. Discuss the integrate of the five basic functions of a manager as defined in
Yoder-Wise (2014), page 57 to your change proposal:
a? Establishes objective and goals for area and communicates them to members of team. **
a? Organizes and analyzes the activities, decision, and relations needed and divides them in to manageable tasks. **
a? Motivates and communicates with people responsible for various jobs through teamwork. **
a? Analyzes, appraises, and interprets performance and communications that information to others. **
a? Develops people, including self. ** (5 points each for A & B; bulleted items under C 2 points each)


Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning Evaluation
A. If this project were to be implemented, how would you evaluate the process
along the way and the project overall?
B. Specify appropriate evaluation points along the way (5 points each A & B)

Analyze the effectiveness of written, verbal, non-verbal and electronic communication. Paper presented in APA format. Appropriate grammar, spelling, organization of paper.
Earned Points (out of 100)
*End of Program Outcome Measure: Analyze the impact of power, politics, policy and regulatory guidelines on the health of patients (individuals, families, groups, communities and populations).
**End Program Outcome Measure: Integrate management principles in planning and delivering nursing care to patients (individuals, families, groups, communities and populations).