Change staffs behavior and improve the way assessments are conducted


There is significant literature on translating evidence into the practice setting. Much research is done and yet very little changes actually occur at the bedside.


You are managing a busy orthopedic unit and wish to translate evidence into practice and improve outcomes for your patients. Your nurses are conducting a quick patient assessment at the beginning of their shift and then not again unless specific orders exist (i.e. vital signs every 2 hours). However, evidence shows that nurses should be doing a thorough assessment at the start of a shift and the assessment should be ongoing throughout the shift.


For this forum, you will research ways to change the staffas behavior and improve the way assessments are conducted on your unit.

1. Research ways to change the staffas behavior.

2. Improve the way assessments are conducted.

You are not being asked for your personal opinion. Your post should show critical analysis of the topic and, in addition, must be supported by evidence from the scholarly literature (preferably peer-reviewed nursing journals, but may also include the Social Sciences) scholarly literature should be within the recent 5 years. in APA format. Please double space between paragraphs but do NOT use double spacing or indentions throughout. Please limit your posting to 500 words.