Change the legal age of smoking to the 21 in America

The goals of the Understanding Drug course include evaluating and assessing public policies in regards to drugs in todayas culture. This course examines prevention strategies as well as treatment strategies in relation to Americaas substance abuse issues. An ecological perspective: levels of influence looks directly at intrapersonal levels, interpersonal levels, and community levels and how they affect issues of drug, tobacco, and alcohol use in our communities.

Each student will prepare a paper of 4-6 pages developing their own public policy regarding topics discussed in class or within the text. Each student will gear this policy towards something they want to change on the Campus; this could be in relation to drug use, tobacco use, or alcohol use. In order to build your policy you will be using the steps from the ecological model

Intrapersonal levels: Individual characteristics that influence behavior
Interpersonal levels: influences from friends, family, social atmosphere
Community Level: What are the current rules, regulations, that may constrain or promote behavior
At least two theories will be needed to complete this public policy paper (ecological model listed above and another theory of your choice), six scholarly articles, and one books. The research part of this paper will help you in giving the reader an idea of how severe and susceptible the substance abuse issue is within the community. You want to make sure you have the research and knowledge about the topic in order to really educate your readers.
Guidelines of what you need to include: You will need to show that you have mastered your policy topic and that you have gained some expertise in the two theories.
i. Overview of the policy area. What is the problem? Use research articles to help explain the need for your policy.

ii. Identify issues surrounding your topic today and that are currently under discussion by using scholarly articles and textual evidence to support your claims.

iii. Why is your problem such an issue and how will your policy implement change on campus?

iv. What is the policy community in general a who is the target population? Describe that community in depth and why your policy will benefit the population.

v. Using the steps of the Ecological Model and one other heath promotion theory of your choicehow will you structure your policy? This needs to be an in-depth explanation.

vi. How will you implement your policy on campus? This needs to be an in-depth explanation

vii. How will you assess and evaluate your policy, how will you evaluate change that happens due to your policy?

viii. What is your ultimate goal surrounding your public policy and how well do you think your target population will adhere to it?

ix. Conclusionwhat still needs to be done in todayas society due to your issue and how will your policy help a?solvea? the issue on campus?

Paper Format
4-6 pages. Double-spaced. One-inch margins all around. 12-point font. Times new roman. More than 6 pages or less than 4 pages is not acceptable. Follow the formatting rules of professional writing.
You must adhere with the APA style for your cover page, body, and reference page.
Late papers or emailed papers will NOT be accepted.